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Car Paint-Free Dent Puller Repair Kit

Car Paint-Free Dent Puller Repair Kit

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1. Function: The dent puller is designed to be used as a paint-free dent removal tool. For the body. This paintless dent removal technology allows you to lift and move heavy material panels while reducing pressure on body dents.

2. Reliable materials. Made of high quality materials, increase the adsorption capacity, making it more stable and safer to use. The soft mat will not scratch the paint and avoid hurting your car when applied.

3. Nylon : The broach is made of high quality nylon broach, with strong hardness and long service life; Durable design with increased axial force for excellent adhesion; Repair various small dents quickly and easily, saving time and money

4. Easy to use. The tooth puller is combined with the metal frame. Attach the metal frame using bolts and cable caps. Place it on the car dent and pull until the body is smooth.

5. Easy to store: Equipped with a portable bag to help you carry all the kits, and not easy to lose, will greatly save your time and space Note: Please ensure that the indent is on a flat surface before use and should be larger than the diameter of the bottom suction cup. Our indent puller needs to be applied to a clean, smooth, flat, non-porous and dry surface. Please ensure that the suction is available before use.

Product packaging details:

140cm tooth drawing piecePull two 
20cm rows
1 set of thick metal frame
Blue 18P pullout 1 package
Purple 12P puller 1 pack
Scraper 1
Alcohol bottle 1
One rag
Tool Kit
1 manual

Matters needing attention:

[100% Satisfaction Guarantee] : Note
1. The color of the item may be slightly different from the picture due to differences in light and screen.
2. Due to manual measurement, please allow a difference of 1-2 cm.
3. If our car tool kit encounters any unexpected situation, you can explain it by email and we will respond within 24 hours.

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